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   Becky has been my riding instructor for over ten years, the first few years with my PRE and now with my welsh D. Two completely different types of horses with their own individual needs when it comes to training. I have always been passionate about classical dressage but didn’t know where to start I just knew I wanted to learn and be the best I could be for my horses. Becky has been the most influential in my equestrian journey. I always wanted a trainer who could not only talk the talk but walk the walk too! I had lots of questions when i met Becky which have all been answered. With Beckys background in classical training and groundwork, and her extensive knowledge of Ecole de Legerete, i have been able to achieve things I never thought possible. 

Aside from the ridden work, Becky is also a master at lunging and work inhand, literally riding from the ground UP! 

My horses are taught all they need to know from the ground, it makes the more advanced work so much easier for them to understand, it is a tool I use over and over again. 

Thanks to Becky high school work is now in sight with my Welsh D, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Jennifer Brown

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